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Resin Art Workshop

Workshop Overview

Step into the vibrant and versatile world of resin art with our engaging Resin Art Workshop. This workshop provides a comprehensive guide to resin art, covering fundamental techniques for beginners and advancing to more complex methods. Each module includes practical projects, safety protocols, and creative exploration. The workshop’s structured outline ensures that participants gain a thorough understanding of resin art, progressing from basic to advanced techniques with practical applications and professional insights, including specialized projects such as resin coasters clocks, geodes and tabletops etc.

Workshop Features

  • Week 1: Understanding Resin

     Overview of Resin Art

     Types of Resin: Epoxy, Polyester, Polyurethane

     Safety and Handling Precautions

     Essential Tools and Materials

    Preparing Your Workspace

     Setting Up a Safe and Efficient Workspace

     Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

     Mixing and Measuring Resin and Hardener

     Avoiding and Managing Resin Bubbles

    Basic Techniques - Coloring Resin

     Introduction to Pigments, Dyes, and Inks

     Achieving Different Effects: Opaque, Transparent, and Translucent

     Mixing Colors and Creating Gradients

    Simple Pouring Techniques

     Simple pour

     Half n half

     Pressed flowers

     Layered Pour

     Swirl Technique

    Project 1: Creating Simple Resin Coasters

     Step-by-Step Process

     Curing Time and Techniques

Week 2: Creating Depth and Dimension

 Incorporating Additives: Glitter, Metallics, and Mica Powders

 Creating Cells and Lacing Effects

Working with Molds

 Types of Molds: Silicone, Plastic, DIY Molds

 Pouring Techniques for Molds

 Demolding and Finishing Touches

Project 2: Resin Jewelry

 Designing and Creating Earrings, Pendants, and Bracelets

Week 3: Resin Geodes and Agate Slices

 Understanding Geode and Agate Aesthetics

 Layering Techniques for Realistic Effects

 Adding Crystals, glass, sand and Stones

Embedding Objects in Resin

 Selecting and Preparing Objects

 Creating 3D Effects

 Troubleshooting Common Issues

Project 3: Resin Geode Wall Art

 Planning and Creating a Geode-Inspired Piece

Week 4: Basic Resin Clock Design

 Introduction to Clock Mechanisms

 Designing Simple Clock Faces

 Adding Numerals and Hands

Project 4: Simple Resin Clock

 Creating and Assembling a Basic Resin Clock

Week 5: Advanced Resin Clock Techniques

 Incorporating Mixed Media: Wood, Metal, and Other Materials

 Designing Themed Clocks (e.g., Ocean, Galaxy, Abstract)

 Using Advanced Pouring Techniques for Clocks

Project 5: Themed Resin Clock

 Conceptualizing and Creating a Themed Resin Clock

Week 6: Sanding and Polishing

 Tools and Techniques for Polishing Resin

 Achieving a Glass-like Finish

 Repairing Imperfections

Resin Sealing and Top Coats

 Varnishing and Sealing Techniques

 Adding a Final Top Coat for Durability and Shine


Project 6: High-Gloss Resin Tabletop

 Preparing a Wooden Surface

 Pouring and Finishing a Large Resin Surface

Week 7: Mixed Media and Innovative Techniques

 Combining Resin with Other Art Forms (e.g., Acrylics, Alcohol Inks)

 Experimenting with New Techniques and Styles

Week 8: Starting a Resin Art Business

 Branding and Marketing Your Art

 Pricing Strategies and Selling Online

 Packaging and Shipping Resin Art Safely

Abstract Resin Art Piece

 Design Planning

 Implementing Basic Pouring Techniques

 Conceptualizing and Executing a Complex Resin Art Piece

 Presentation and Critique Session

Course Resources

 Comprehensive List of Suppliers and Materials

 Detailed Course Notes and Step-by-Step Guides

Assessment and Certification

 Completion of all Projects

 Final Presentation and Critique

 Certificate of Achievement for Successful Participants

Resin Art - Teacher Portfolio

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