Mission & Vision


DA’ ART builds and preserves the DA’ ART Institute’s collection as a rich resource for research, teaching, learning and discovery through the direct experience of original works of art. As a public art gallery, it connects the cultural life of the DA’ ART Institute to that of the wider community through a lively and critical program of exhibitions, publications, and events that foster awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the visual arts.


DA’ ART is a vital cultural resource for the Art Institute and the wider community, bringing art and minds together. As an ART INSTITUTE, its research and exhibitions of art illuminate the past, engage the present, and stimulate curiosity about the future.


We believe that art has the power to inspire us and transform the way we see the world, and we are committed to fostering and encouraging this potential.


We bring curiosity and openness to the experience of art; we value the risky, trial-and-error process of experimentation that is essential to the creation of works of art, and the insights and discoveries it reveals.


We aspire to the highest professional standards in the care and housing of the DA’ ART Institute’s collection; in the development and presentation of thought-provoking exhibitions and publications; and in the provision of innovative opportunities for hands-on learning through art.


We believe that original works of art stimulate the senses and trigger the desire for knowledge. We are committed to providing challenging opportunities for young scholars to study the collection. We also support original research by guest curators and our staff, and make the results of this research public through exhibitions and publications, lectures and symposia.


We hold all our Valuable Students, Prestigious Staff & Promising Artists in high esteem and treat them with consideration and respect at all times.


We believe that art is a public good, and strive to make the DA’ ART collection and our exhibitions accessible, both physically and intellectually, to our diverse audiences.

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