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Graphic Design

Course Overview

DA' ART Institute of Art & Design offers a 3 months Professional Graphic Design Course, available through a hybrid system, both on-campus and online. The course covers Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva, focusing on digital and print media advertising. Students will learn how to combine text and images effectively, enhancing their communication skills and developing their own unique design style. After completing the course, students will be prepared to work as graphic designers, take on freelance projects, or start their own design businesses.

Course Outline

Comprehensive training in Adobe Illustrator, focusing on the creation of sophisticated vector graphics and illustrations.

Comprehensive training in Adobe Illustrator, focusing on the creation of sophisticated vector graphics and illustrations.

Extensive guidance on utilizing Canva for quick, efficient design projects, including social media graphics and basic layouts.

Exploration of fundamental design principles that inform effective visual communication across various media.

Detailed study of color psychology, relationships, and applications to enhance the aesthetic and functional quality of designs.

Techniques for conducting effective design research, including trend analysis and conceptual development.

Practical experience in creating memorable and effective logos that stand out in today’s market.

Skills development in designing cohesive business stationery, including business cards, letterheads, and envelopes.

Training in the art of poster design, combining text and imagery to capture attention and communicate messages effectively.

Advanced techniques in photo editing and image manipulation to create compelling visual narratives.

Strategies for crafting impactful digital media campaigns, focusing on design, layout, and visual storytelling.

Techniques for designing print media campaigns that translate creative concepts into tangible, effective advertisements.

Instruction in using graphical representations to project images and designs onto three-dimensional surfaces.

Guidance on assembling a professional portfolio that effectively showcases a range of design skills and projects.

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