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Entry Test Preparation for Fine Arts & Design

Course Overview

DA’ ART offers a comprehensive Entry Test Preparation Classes tailored for students aiming to secure admission into degree programs such as BFA Fine Arts, Architecture Design, Textile Design, Fashion Design, Graphic/Communication Design, Ceramics Design, Product Design, Interior Design, and Sculpture. Designed for aspirants targeting prestigious art institutions like NCA, PIFD, PUCAD, BNU, LCWU, GCU & IAC, this course equips students with the necessary skills and insights to thrive in the competitive entry tests and interviews conducted by elite art and design schools. Our course offers in-depth training in drawing, aptitude, critical thinking, interview strategies, portfolio creation, and specialized mathematics for architecture, ensuring that students not only meet but exceed the rigorous standards of top-tier art institutes.

Course Outline

Initial consultations to identify each student's unique needs and goals, helping to tailor the course content and focus areas for maximum effectiveness.

Foundational training in drawing, covering essential elements such as lines, shapes, and shading, designed to build core artistic skills.

Focus on precision and detail in depicting objects, teaching students how to observe and reproduce textures, lighting, and proportions accurately.

Comprehensive instruction on drawing the human form, including lessons on anatomy, gesture, and the dynamics of movement.

In-depth exploration of perspective techniques, crucial for creating realistic and proportionally accurate architectural and interior designs.

Targeted exercises to enhance critical and creative thinking skills, preparing students for the conceptual challenges of art school exams.

Strategies for presenting oneself effectively during interviews, including how to articulate artistic processes, inspirations, and aspirations

Guidance on creating a strong and cohesive portfolio, including selecting and presenting work that best showcases each student's skills, creativity, and artistic vision.

Specialized math curriculum addressing the specific needs of architecture applicants, focusing on areas such as trigonometry and spatial visualization.

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